Cape Brandy wins at Michelangelo

The 2016 Michelangelo Awards at the Lord Charles Hotel in Somerset West, rained gold down on some of SA’s finest Cape Brandy.

Cape Brandy wins at Michelangelo

South Africa’s IWSC

The Michelangelo awards is South Africa’s equivalent to the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) and Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, in that the vast majority of the judging panel consists of international wine and spirit experts, making this one of the tougher competitions in the country.

2016 represents the 20th installation of the competition, and things certainly couldn’t get any tougher. With 25 international judges on the panel, and the superb quality of wine and spirits on display, it would never be an easy task to single out the real world beaters.

Kobus Gelderblom and Lara Patrick celebrate Cape Brandy gold.

Kobus Gelderblom (Mountain Spirit) and Lara Patrick (Oude Molen) celebrate Cape Brandy gold.

Brandy Categories

On the Brandy side of the competition, products are all judged blind, and in the following categories:

  1. Blended Brandy
  2. 100% Potstill (Cape Brandy)
  3. Vintage

And then inside the Cape Brandy category, there are the corresponding age groups of:

  • Non-vintage/No age stated
  • 3-8 year old
  • 9-15 year old
  • 16 years and older

This years successful Cape Brandy entrants, all entered in the 100% potstill category were:

9-15 year old age group

  • GOLD: Oude Molen XO Cape Brandy

3-8 year old age group

  • DOUBLE GOLD: Oude Molen VSOP Cape Brandy
  • GOLD: Ladismith 8 year old Cape Brandy
  • GOLD: Upland Organic Cape Brandy
  • GOLD: Windmeul Reserve VSOP Cape Brandy
Windmeul Kelder's brand new VSOP Cape Brandy

Windmeul Kelder’s brand new VSOP Cape Brandy

Props to the newcomer

A big mention must go out to Windmeul VSOP Cape Brandy for this superb accolade, on it’s first entry into any sort of competition.

The brandy, masterfully distilled with a portion of Sauvignon Blanc grapes (very uncommon in brandy production) shows an intense and unique fruit character, concentrated from the unusual grape choice and is quite unlike any other brandy to taste.

It is aged in french barrels for between 6 and 7 years before being blended into the final VSOP offering. It will be available from the Windmeul Kelder in Paarl from the end of October at R450.00 a bottle.

All round, this is an outstanding result for the members of the newly formed Cape Brandy Distillers Guild, an independent body recently established to communicate the provenance of the Cape Brandy segment inside the broader SA Brandy category and to simultaneously promote and support the sales and marketing efforts of its members.

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